Tood Retard (thatsmyzarf) wrote in fgsr,
Tood Retard

One Day I Did This

Hello Face-Journal.
Here is a FGSR Fan Art.

It shows lots of things from FGSR songs and albums. Try to find out what all the references are!
Hint: Here are all the references I can place:
*In the sky there is a dragon, a reference to the Iron Mountain prophecies. An Iron Mountain is also present, central along the horizon. A comet rains down from the sky, as well.
*Flying Fish are also in the sky, as mentioned in FF=Flyin' Fish.
*There is a forest in the background. What forest? Why the magical forest, from the Unicorn Song. The Unicorn himself peers out from behind a chuck-wagon.
*Rhinos are arriving upon the horizon, and prairie dogs are also present, from Take It to the Zoo.
*At the edge of the magical forest lies a tree that is shaped like a brain, the Brain Tree from Dead Ham.
*A critter is sitting on the branch of the tree that is nearest to the viewer. That creature is the Grypton's McNommit.
*Very near the Grypton's McNommit, a little bird flies away.
*Next to that little bird, on top of the chuck-wagon, sits an Archaeopteryx.
*A sign indicates that the shore on the left background is indeed part of the DeSotian Ocean.
*A ninja with tentacles, as mentioned in PG-13, lies stealthily poised underneath the McNommit's branch.
*Dracula is there, having a potato.
*Plastic Man, the Man of India Rubber! is poking his head through the covered wagon.
*The covered wagon alludes both to the Oregon Trail theme of the Hank Yoast album and also the individual Oregon Tale track.
*A cow eats its own poop, courtesy of More Truth About Cows.
*A man is "Clappin'" with his hands on a sammich.
*Ian Malcolm watches him in disapproval. Malcolm has appeared in the Chaotician, the Chaotician Millennium Mix, and the Dinosaur Tracks secret track.
*Two Jesus's sit pointing at eachother, asking What Jesus Would Do (WJWD)(parenthesis reversed from original track title).
*A check for the amount of "sixty figure" breezes past, this sum being what Busta Kapp purports to make in the track Harrison Ford.
*A discarded container of snuff sits ruggedly on the land, probably having been consumed by a port-man (of Port Man's Lament famestitude).
*An Ankylosaur stands proudly, central to the piece. Observe how no one dares mess with him. (Between the Hammer and the Ankylosaur)
*The Ankylosaur is listening to an iPod Shuffle.
*There is a bear, he is taking orders, because bears are the waiter at the bear cafe.
*The bears apron warns "beware of pubes", as the singer of FF=Flyin' fish wishes to be a hairy bear with pubic hair.
*Spiderman is there, showing us the bulge of his own Spiderman, from (Let Me See Your) Spiderman. He is counting money, so far as I know this is because Spiderman was released both on an album and as a single, and the only purpose of releasing a single is to milk a song for extra cash value.
*Spiderman has a boner which you can see through his suit, he is thinking of a Bat-symbol. HE IS LITERALLY HOT FOR BATMAN. And now it occurs to me that I have never worried about legal issues in my use of Batman's name while I have gone to great lengths to assure that my Spiderman is without a hyphen.
*I am there. I'm Not Wearing Pants.
*In addition to not wearing pants, I also have no penis.
*I am making out with a Hypsilophodon, this is upsetting multiple people whom I have proclaimed love for.
*A mexican is upset by my man-on-beast affair. I have proclaimed affection for Mexicans in The Mexican Love Theme, Main Theme, and Main Theme Reprised. He must find this particularly insulting.
*An Impregnated Sarah Polley shakes her fist at my dino-love.
*The Wasp is not quite sure what to make of my beastial cravings, after I so sincerely wooed her in "Janet".
*The Hypsilophodon itself is holding a bag of Sun Chips, a central topic to Harrison Ford.
*There is a Chameleon. The chameleon both bearing the name of an album, and serving a key role in Take It to the Zoo.
*A squished eye-ball has bugs crawling around on it, renovating it so that it shall become THE BEST NEST IN THE WEST
*THERE IS A AX AND A WOOD. For the Wood Chopper in all of us.
*The remote to my lawn is on the lawn, the DEMON LAWN.
*The tanning lotion which we should bring to the DeSotian ocean is just behind the grocery bag.
*It is a grocery bag filled with corn, a paper bag filled by Corn Eatin' Awesome Robb On Tha Cobb.
*A slug is there, but it is not the slug from slug sundae, oh no, Friedrich looks quite different than this slug. Alas! This is an Enormous Slug w/Fear/Fur in It's Teeth! which were reversedly sung about in "Forgotten".
*The grocery bag bears the commandment that "Thou Shalt Not Get Beat By Thine Own Son". I would drive a good hour+ to shop at that grocery store. It is indeed Sinful, to get beat by ones own son.

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