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Things I Learned While On a Farm...

I have nintendoed to write a blaugh about this years Farm Party from a band perspective ever since it happened of course. But I came to a realization about what I would be writing. What I would be writing is less cool than what I wrote last time.
It was a fun time, DON'T GET ME WRONG. Sleep deprived and unbathed I really didn't feel like going on when I went on, I thought I would be fine going home empty handed. But the partiers were so demanding. When are you going on! We want you to go on! (People are saying this to me?)
I had originally wanted to do two sets, one per day, but hadn't practiced very much. I made two setlists but in the end threw them out because they lacked flow and practice. Ultimately, I saw the energy and restlessness of the crowd and decided I didn't want to chance loosing that too much and kept to all the high energy stuff like SexyAway and Spiderman and Fucked By a Stranger and PG13. I did play things like the Unicorn Song which are kind of live staples but not very dancey and I think that was my worst choice/performance of the night. But all in all I didn't really draw out the set with any of those things I enjoy that other people might not. Unless they just don't enjoy the whole thing which I wholeheartedly understand.
The message is clear: If I am to succeed at this thing I do, I must do my best Dan Deacon impression. The kids won't accept anything else.
I played, for my first time live, some approximation of Ain't No Body Like Yo Body, and it went over well. I don't know why I've never played it live before, it's easy enough to do, and fun enough to hear that it should be put into regular live rotation. The problem before was that I never had any feedback on it, I always felt like people passed it up in favor of other standout tracks from Indigestible. But then, Robb On the Cobb was a late bloomer, too, and bringing that to a live setting has been refreshing after SpidermanSpidermanSpiderman. So all this time later Justin says to me "hey you know what song of yours I just heard for the first time ever? Ain't No Body Like Yo Body. You should play it live." I...should? Yeah! I should! So I listened to it, figured out the keyboard settings and the notes all over again, and here it is.
I did a round of Break Ya Dick and by the end did a Break Ya Dick reprise just to close things off. I did kinda wonder if any of the people who were there were there last year when, in that same room, Break Ya Dick was born. 'Cause I carry on that song for those people and it's for them to enjoy. And for everyone else to enjoy too but for the kids that were yelling it out last year more-so.

But in addition to the FGSR stuff I also put on a set with my pal Justin as the Natalie Portmen and this experience I think involved the highest level of self-discovery. What I learned is: I like the Natalie Portmen and I need to do it more. We set up outside on a truck-bed and I don't think Justin was aware of the level of adapting and extending I had to do to the electric supplies in order to be able to get us going. He kept coming over and asking "is it ready yet" while I'm chasing extension cords that slipped out of my hand from being to taut hoping not to loose site of them in the dark. Once we ultimately got going, which only two people knew we were going to do, we played to an apparently apathetic fluctuating amount of people who frequently stopped by to inquire just what in the hell we were doing. Afterwards three people said they enjoyed it. I myself, enjoyed it a lot. It was cool that I could let Justin go and do his own thing and then just twiddle around retardedly on my keyboard and it didn't take away from the experience any, or I could increase or drop the speed of the beats and Justin's input would adapt. I stayed in my comfort zone playing with the things I'd already programmed and tweaking them at my knob-twisting best, and I also ventured out, constructing new beats, adding more, taking away, layering with effects.
When the Natalie Portmen played our set a year+ ago at the Stolen Heart Cabaret, I made it totally suck by thinking I had to do anything any certain way. The constructed stuff was okay, but the freeform part in the middle, I didn't have faith in my own spontaneity, so it was a total ass-fest. But now that I've seen what it's like to really let loose and go with whatever happens, I see a bright new future for The Natty Po's.
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