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Farm Party, break your dick off!

I played a show at a party an hour outside of Richmond, and three hours from where I lived. I hadn't played publicly/in front of people in the better part of a year. I crammed on Friday, brushing up on everything I wanted to play, then running through it all again in sequence. At the party I played just about everything I had practiced.
I played for roughly an exact hour. Roughly exactly. It was in a format with three phases; introductory tracks, Dinosaur Tracks, and the hits.
The Dinosaur Tracks seemed to generate the greatest response and interaction. There were two sets of people enjoying my music: the sober people appreciating the content, and the drunker people having fun with the attitude. The drunker rowdier but still lovable show-observers had their own song "(Insert word) break your dick off!". Refered to me as "Charm city, break you dick off!" and throughout the dinosaur tracks they had fun with "pterodactyl, break your dick off" and "stegosaurus, break your dick off!" and I let them go at it, noodling along on my keyboards for encouragement. They were having fun and I think they were all glad that I was singing songs about Dinosaurs. Wouldn't you be?
I almost blacked out during PG-13. All the screaming cut down on the flow of oxygen. But a little sacrifice went a long way, at the end of the set I had requests for a reprise of "that song about the ninjas who have tentacles". Awesome.
It was a really good crowd response, and more people were listening and even watching than I was aware of from inside the little room where I had set up.
The place was a fuckin' site, too. A dillapidated old farmhouse, warped, peeling wood floorboards. I'm glad the electricity held up for everything we had going on.
There was another band that played, one whom I've already typed about. He was another one man kinda guy, both drumming, playing guitar and screeming/singing at the same time. They were called Gull. Like Lightning Bolt but with half the people. I do hope to run into them again.
It's about time for me to catch up on an entire nights worth of sleep.
See you on the world tour,
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